Welcome at HealthyProteins

We are a business to business healthy proteins supplier for processing into the infant, sports, growing up, pregnancy and elderly protein formula products.

Our focus is, particularly on (organic) plant-based proteins.

HealthyProteins fulfills a position in this rapidly expanding market as a B2B ingredient supplying partner of primarily milled or spray/roller dried proteins and of flour from (organic) plant-based sources such as almond, soy, fava beans, rice, buckwheat, peas, chia, canola, hemp, coco etc.

About us

At HealthyProteins we are dedicated to improving the health of both people and earth. In this we are not alone: together with our partners we passionately work to obtain reliable, high-quality and ecologically sustainable (plant-based & organic) ingredients for the infant and sports formula. By doing so, we want to contribute to food safety and a pure environment.

Additionally, we strive to establish transparency and a fair division of responsibility in the chain.


Our conviction is that top-quality (plant-based and organic) ingredients are a sustainable solution for the everlasting worldwide wish for healthy and environmentally friendly produced food.


Our mission is to make sure these top-quality (plant-based and organic) ingredients are available in a sustainable way and to meet the increasing global demand for natural and environmental friendly raw materials.


It is our culture to build on what has made us successful and to see what equips us best to support sustainable growth in order to continue to protect, heal, and nurture the generations to come.

The Heart of our Business

We put people’s health and needs at the heart of our business: we listen to our customers to better understand, serve and fulfil their wishes.


We want to do the right thing, and we want to do that, always. Therefore, we act responsibly and with integrity. Doing what is right for our suppliers and our customers will translate itself into doing what is right for the world and, in the end, for our business.

Excellence as a goal

It is excellent when we all are happy. Having a wide range of the best products to match every individual wish, an outstanding design, better experiences, service and value reflect that goal.

Our beliefs

Our inner compass guides us. We use it to navigate in how we need to behave as individuals, as a team and as a company.

Who we are

Arnauld van Hees
founder/managing director

Putting people’s health, needs and the care for our planet at the heart of our business is my profound wish. By listening to each other, by interacting, we can really connect enabling us to make fundamental decisions and changes for our future. I feel happy when I contribute in bridging gaps and in realising lasting business relations. Acting responsibly and with integrity is the base of my belief.

Many, many years ago, I had an interview with Geannys at our office. During that interview, we found out that we both shared the same interests in a lot of things that inspired us in life. But what connected us mostly was rhythm, jazziness, the vibes and swing. It turned out he had studied percussion and piano in Havana. A shared passion. Geannys Gonzalez boarded my small team in ‘04 and together he and I grew the business of www.avhdairy.com and www.goatmilkpowder.com. AVH dairy became a global pioneer and leader in production for B2B supplies for application in infant nutrition and family protein products at large. We saw that specialty protein ingredients (like goat) have a growing attraction in the market. And this still continues. After the successful time with the companies above, I am now looking forward to this new challenge and another journey with Geannys @ HealthyProteins; B2B suppliers for (organic) plant based and for all healthy protein ingredients.

Geannys Gonzalez
founder/commercial director

Let’s start with one of my passions, music, the common thread in my life story. I was born in Cuba, land of music by excellence and where I graduated from Music College in Havana.
Back then, I didn’t know that many years later I would find out that music was going to be more than just playing and dancing: it was to play a role and to become the base of my professional life in the protein industry. For me music connects, invites, opens up creativity, organic growth, emotions, and team work.

In the late 90s, I moved to Holland and 5 years later I would meet Arnauld on my path, he invited me for a job interview to join AVH. In the corner of his office I saw his drumkit. Even before we started, we already shared a passion. It was the beginning of a friendship between two men and their families. In those early years of the company we showed, as true pioneers, the world that goat not only made good cheeses in France, but also provided solutions for infant nutrition or family protein products. Especially for those with digestion problems.

Now HealthyProteins brings us back together again! And it is my desire to start on this new voyage with a much bigger footprint, for people, for nature; for our world. Together with good vibes, my feel for rhythm and with great arguments to make a difference again, I want to set a good example for my children.

Daniëlle de Wit
logistics co-ordinator

My name is Daniëlle de Wit and I have been working as a logistics coordinator at HealthyProteins B.V. since February 1st, 2021.

I am a proud mother of 2 teenage boys (16 and 19) and I have been living with the love of my life, Peter, since 4 years now.
When I am off, I’d like to spend that time with Peter, and with my family and friends. Shopping, for instance, or going to the movies, having a drink or eating out are among my favourite things.
I also love going to music festivals: from Anouk to Hazes, my taste of music is very diverse. Apart from that I exercise and try to hike as often as I can.

Before starting to work for HealthyProteins, I worked at Bunge Loders Croklaan B.V. (www.bunge.com), a producer of sustainable plant-based specialty oils and fats, for almost 25 years. There I learned a lot about the logistics of international sea and road transport (documents/customer service/shipping). By now, I know all the ins and outs and that comes in quite handy in this challenging new job.

Together with Geannys and Arnauld I would like to take Healthy Proteins to a next level in this fast growing niche of healthy plant-based proteins.
Although I am relatively unfamiliar with a plant-based diet myself, I truly believe that this will become the standard diet over time. Inspired, I am experimenting with plant-based dairy and cheese products and even ordered vegan cakes for my birthday 😊.
I regard myself as a flexitarian: I am afraid I won’t become as vegan as Arnauld is…..

logistics co-ordinator

I started working as a logistics co-ordinator at HealthyProteins in October 2021.

Fun fact is that I have a long track record with Arnauld and Geannys with whom I both worked for 11+ years in their previous companies www.avhdairy.com and www.goatmilkpowder.com.

I’m glad to be back with the old team again and above all happy to remain connected with the specialty nutrition sector and certainly now the base ingredients are that of plant origin.
For me personally, the last few years working in the dairy industry did not feel right anymore where the wellbeing of the animals is concerned. Being a vegetarian (parttime vegan), I’m very excited to be supporting this new evolving great category.

A while ago I decided to exclusively eat plant-based for 6 months. Just to see what it would do for my health. Practically my whole life I have suffered from chronic common colds.
After 3-4 months into the plant-based diet I noticed that my symptoms had completely gone!
This just makes me all the more excited about being a part of the plant-based industry 😊

In our spare time my partner and I like to take pictures of nature and animals with a slight preference for birds of prey. Also I very much like to read, learn foreign languages and spend time with family and friends. Furthermore I just recently started a study in herbal medicine.


  • Start AVH Dairy BV

  • Majority sale to Emmi

  • Start goatmilkpowder.com

  • Development & study of supply chain of premium plant based proteins ingredients

  • Start HealthyProteins

  • Introduction to dairy alternative products producers

  • Introduction to producers of infant nutrition and medical food

  • Opening Valencia office